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Trident Group is a continuously growing group of companies creating a buoyant economic climate. The group is focused on generating economic prosperity for the stakeholders, while growing harmoniously with the community and environment.
Leveraging business from an expanding product portfolio, Trident Limited, the flagship company of the group,  is one among the top 5 global terry towel giants of the world. What's more, the company is one of the world's largest agro-based paper manufacturers and one of the largest yarn producers in India.Making way in Punjab as an agro-based manufacturer in 1990, the group has diversified and expanded manifold, giving way to businesses based on sustainable growth. Under the dynamic leadership of Mr. Rajinder Gupta, the Chairman of the group, Trident continues to grow embracing new challenges, expanding boundaries and creating new opportunities.With businesses spanning across more than 75 countries, Trident Group today is a USD 1 billion enterprise with an employee headcount of more than 10,000, and providing indirect employment to 20,000 people. Therefore, Trident is a pioneer at implementing sound Corporate Governance as the basic management principle.

The motto of Trident is - Inspired by challenge.


  • The plant is spread across about 300 acres of land with state-of-the-art technology sourced from Japan, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium & Italy. The Plant facility comprises mainly of: 
  1. Yarn Processing 
  2. Weaving Preparatory 
  3. Weaving 
  4. Process House 
  5. Finishing House 
  6. Final Inspection Office and 
  7. Fully equipped Research Laboratory 
  • Today, Trident is amongst the top 5 terry towel manufacturing facilities in the world in terms of its capacity & technology. 
  • The complete process - from yarn manufacturing, to weaving, to dyeing & final packing - is done in house. We have a vertically integrated set-up with stringent quality controls at all levels. Some of the key technologies & infrastructure available are - 
  1. Complete in-house manufacturing - Yarn manufacturing to Packing 
  2. Latest state of the art equipments at all stages of manufacturing 
  3. Wider width and high speed Air jet looms, equipped with Electronic Pile motion & Weft Selectors up to 6 colors 
  4. Wide variety of production equipment - Dobby (Air jet/ Rapier), Jacquard, Printing, Embroidery, Shearing. 
 State of the art testing facilities serving to testing requirement of both US, EU (AATCC & ISO)


Trident Group


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